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Smarttive, a distinguished global technology service provider, specializes in delivering bespoke and outstanding smart surveillance and medical solutions, elevating urban safety and efficiency to unparalleled levels. Our cutting-edge CCTV systems harness the power of artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, and environmentally conscious design to deliver precision and scalability. Seamlessly integrated with various smart city components, our solutions embody a commitment to prioritizing privacy protection and cybersecurity, fostering a secure environment rooted in community engagement. With Smarttive, entrust your vision of a safer and more connected tomorrow to the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology.


Vortex Solutions leading video compression technology, it achieves up to 90% compression for live CCTV video while maintaining 100% data quality. the OmniCompressor

solution ranks first globally. Additionally, we offer advanced compression solutions for images and recorded video.

Introducing Incoresoft Solution Suite, featuring cutting-edge capabilities like License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, Object Detection, Traffic Analytics, Crowd Detection, and more, ensuring a robust and comprehensive range of smart solutions for diverse needs.


smart city

WMW provides a trusted IoT platform for global Telco Operators and System Integrators. With a high-performance data layer, flexible application layer, and seamless integration with Cloud services like Azure and AWS, it offers over 200+ ready-made applications for enhanced connectivity.

secure CCTV network

Introducing ThruLink by KBC, this hardware VPN solution ensures secure transmission of IP data, including video and audio, over any existing infrastructure, even 4G/5G/LTE Networks

video Compression

Up to 90% compression per stream.

Compress video, audio, and recordings Reliable video over unstable networks.

Lightweight, portable, compatible.

Interfaces to all VMS.

Centralized model, easy to deploy.

Adaptive technology for low bandwidth.

Fastest compressor software for windows and RPI Linux available today

less than 3 Meg in size.

Latency will be approx. 1 second or less in general case.

Total software installation is approx. 120 seconds (if the hardware configuration in place).

video Analytics

We provide a range of video analytics applications with integrated e-learning features, ensuring cost-effective solutions that support smart city programs.

Smart Tracking System

Pose Estimation

Smart Parking

Traffic Analytics

License Plate Recognition

Face Recognition

UIC & Container

Heat Map

Hard Hat Detection

Object Detection

Smoke & Fire Detection

Smoking Detection

Motion Detection

Age & Gender Detection

IOT for smart city

Discover the Capabilities of WMW's IoT Platform for Smart City Development

WMW's IoT platform is engineered to meet the smart city development demands with its high-performance data layer and flexible application layer. This reliable solution is a popular choice for Telco operators and System Integrators worldwide and can be easily integrated with cloud services. With a vast catalog of more than 200 ready-made applications.

you're certain to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Medical compression

Introducing iDICOM, a highly customizable DICOM image optimizer that efficiently compresses medical files by up to 95%. With perceptually lossless compression and proprietary visual analytics, DICOM+ retains every detail. Ideal for managing large digital footprints, it can effortlessly compress and, when needed, uncompress files without any loss.

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files compress

up to 90%

ECO Tech

Our provided solutions focus on reducing data storage and bandwidth consumption, resulting in decreased power usage and enhanced sustainability for Earth's natural resources. The comprehensive compression solutions for CCTV and Medical applications align with the global commitment to environmental conservation, contributing to the collective effort to save our planet's resources and mitigate pollution.



up to 90%

Medical compression

up to 90%

Smart solutions

less servers usage

reduce data storage to 90%.

reduce power consumption.

reduce Bandwidth to 90%.

optimize the energy

solutions & partners

Expert Support

Count on our team to deliver a range of services, including project requirements analysis, solution design, seamless implementation, system integration, and reliable technical support. We are here to ensure your project's success from start to finish.

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